ESL Solutions provides workshops and training courses
    designed to develop English language skills in the workplace.  
We help employers:
  • On-site and Classroom ESL/SSL training courses
  • Translation of key training and human resource documents
  • Preparing your employees for their Citizenship interviews
Benefits to the Employer and Employee
All Workplace English courses are adapted to the worker’s schedule and
may include the following topics (partial list):
    - Basic oral communication skills
    - Understanding directions and company information
    - Understanding work and safety procedures
    - Filling out workplace forms

  • Greet customers
  • Answer questions
  • Communicate with
    coworkers and management
  • Provide information
  • Report problems and
  • Take messages
Workplace English textbook and
other customized materials
developed from Workplace ESL's
Needs Assessment
English Language Education for  
Business & Workplace
In 100 days students
will be able to:
Hospital - Medical
Hotel & Resturant
Job Readiness
ESL -1  Class
These courses help adults improve the English needed for their current
or future jobs. We teach students, through relevant work situations, the
communication skills essential for career success and give them the
confidence needed to use English at work.

We’ve designed our Workplace English courses for employees with
limited to beginner’s knowledge of English with an emphasis on using
the English language in the workplace.

Our Workplace English training is customized to meet your needs, style
and goals - we will even tailor your training to the unique business
vocabulary used in your industry! This course will advance your basic
understanding of company specific procedures and improve your
English in the workplace with co-workers, managers and supervisors.
courses can be arranged for
individuals or groups and can be
provided in the home, office, or at
our training facilities.
 Our goal is to
make our classes convenient and
flexible for our participants, allowing
each student to learn at a pace that is
just right for him.  
ESL Coaching