Business Support Services and Tools

  • Marketing and Sales programs
  • Office management
  • Paper management
  • Database development
  • Mass mailing
  • Low cost web site development
B U S I N E S S   S U P P O R T   S E R V I C E S
  • Record organization and maintenance
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Web Development
  • Retainer Discount Services
Our aim is to provide a professional, personal,
and effective solution to all of your day-to-day
office work and accounting and taxation needs.
Bookeeping and Accounting Support

  • We can work on a project basisto help you catch up with months
    of backlog or perform daily, weekly or monthly tasks

  • Our bookkeepers are trained and kept current on any
    QuickBooks development

  • If your company is growing and you are getting too busy with
    your clients and employees to be managing your recordkeeping.

  • If you are behind with your books and you need to get caught up.
Sales and Marketing

  • Develop Marketing and Sales systems
  • Create Sales presentations
  • Design brochures and flyers
  • Prepare power point and video presentations