Larger national firms are akin to investment brokers and handle accounts only if they have $100,000
on deposit. They exist to bring more know-how to an organization which is already well-grounded and
has the financial base to afford in the neighborhood of
$1,250 a day plus expenses..
For organizations that are smaller, less well-defined and relatively inexperienced at fund-
raising, consultant firms like ours is most likely the best choice.

We do more and at a lower cost and can be more flexible and adaptable to your organization's
process.  Also, we know the lay of the land---we have a more intimate knowledge of your
community's donor and volunteer base (who has given how much to what causes and who has
the ability to lead a campaign.)

We’ve experienced working with organizations that have had significant obstacles while facing
resource constraints.  We are willing and able to help your organization
develop a workable
strategic plan,
Locally based individual consultants, like ours, know the community's
fund-raising climate and specializes in broad types of non-profit organizations
such as in ministry, the arts, education, social services
  • Undertake maiden fund-raising efforts.
  • Write a clearer mission statement
  • Create a sound business plan
  • Enlarge your volunteer base
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